eyhole is a full service restaurant and bar in Fort Loramie, OH where you can come for excellent food and refreshing drinks. We are a family and locally owned and operated pizzeria that has been serving delicious pizzas for over 30 years.

Our pizzas are made of only the finest, freshest ingredients available. Every morning we start by freshly chopping and preparing all our toppings and vegetables for your perfect pizza. We shred our cheese each day so you have the freshest pizza experience. If you love sausage on your pizza then you’ll love our pizza we have our own unique sausage recipe!

Family owned and operated
for over 30 years.

We have designed our restaurant to be as relaxing as possible. Keyhole Pizza is arranged to create a family-friendly environment so you can enjoy the company of your loved ones while having a great meal. You can also drop by after work to take a break from the daily grind with a game of darts or pool. Items on our menu are affordable enough for you to enjoy every day!

We didn’t make a pizza to make a profit
we made a pizza the way we wanted to eat it

The Keyhole Story

Originally named Club 66, what is now known as The Keyhole got off to a bit of a rocky start at the beginning. At 22 years young, Bob Mescher purchased the building back in the mid-1980s and decided to market it as a “hangout spot” for the local patrons in and around Fort Loramie, Ohio. However, with him and his family living upstairs, Bob knew that he had to clean up not only the perceived image of his restaurant, but had to clean up the actual building itself.

Initially, Bob saw that customers were coming into The Keyhole in order to drink cheap beer and eat subpar bar food. And it quickly became apparent that that was one of the major things that need to change. With a focus on making great food, Bob knew that he could turn Keyhole into a great restaurant with a nice atmosphere for families.

Fast forward 30 years later and Keyhole Pizza is a name that people remember–and keep coming back for. With a main focus on making the pizza at Keyhole great, it is one of those places you have to stop by when you’re near, just to get a taste of that Chunky Bob greatness.

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prepared daily

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